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Public performances are not yet announced for 2013...
Curious? Give us a call to be added to our list.

(David Auerbach, The Improvisator, looks forward to meeting up with you in the caves, with wondrous sounds in the underground realm, where the Spirits of the seasons will once more make their appearances)

Photo courtesy of Windsor Green   Photo courtesy of Rhoda Stewart

Please note that, in order for adults to enjoy the acoustics, these concerts are not for children under the age of ten.

To order, phone (707) 224-4222.
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Radio news feature about the 24th Carols In The Caves on San Francisco's KCBS (740 AM & 106.9 FM):
(with music excerpts and audience comments recorded at the Dec. 20, 2009 show at Hans Fahden Vineyards)
KCBS radio story December 24, 2009 Many thanks for this fine story to Todd Smoot and his colleagues at KCBS.

Performances last about 2 hours.

Wine is for sale during intermission.

To order or inquire, phone (707) 224-4222.



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NIGHT VOYAGE: Listening With The Lights Out.

Dates and locations to be announced.



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