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A love of the unusual led David Auerbach to collect instruments and to explore the acoustics of caves and other special places.

He's self-taught on about a hundred rare and exotic stringed, wind and percussion instruments from the cultural traditions of several continents, performing and recording under the Cave Music umbrella.

While honoring tradition, he employs improvisation extensively, hence the sobriquet, "The Improvisator." But his are not ordinary improvisations; while some of them are free-form, others are structured and feel familiar, as if composed.


Photo courtesy of Windsor Green

Carols In The Caves, his best-known project, began as a single concert in 1986, was repeated at the request of audience members the following year, and gradually become an annual event series.

For many years he has researched the best ways to record music in caves and other special acoustics. A visually embellished Carols In The Caves album recorded on-site in full surround will incorporate dreamlike video imagery evocative of the wine country and pastoral nature.

Other Cave Music projects to come: a recorded performance from years ago in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral; David's first recordings (including an early, completely different, much loved Carols In The Caves); a reverberant Sound Spa relaxation series; and other experiments in both wine caves and natural caverns.


Photo courtesy of Barry Dodds       Photo courtesy of Windsor Green

The Improvisator's Latest Project

---- Artistry in Service to Humanity ----


A lifetime studying the relaxing and salutory effects of music and sound has led David Auerbach to addressing societal issues of stress, health and happiness. Toward this end, under the auspices of a nonprofit community arts council, and with support from foundations, businesses and individuals, he offers free, multi-faceted programs to schools for nurturing the imagination of our children, and to institutions that treat illness, injury and post traumatic stress.

You are invited to help him with this service project. Information is at the link above.


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